Graphite Concentrate

Graphite Concentrate

Graphite is a soft, black, lustrous mineral composed of carbon in a hexagonal crystalline structure. It is found in three different forms: in high-grade metamorphic rocks as disseminated crystal flake graphite; in veins or fractures as vein graphite; and in thermally metamorphosed coal deposits as amorphous graphite.

Graphite is an excellent electrical conductor and has a high fusion point and good lubricating properties. It is used as an anode in batteries, as a refractory material in industries producing molten metal for crucibles and blast furnace linings, and to replace asbestos in brake shoes for heavier vehicles. Graphite is also used as an additive to adjust the carbon content of steel before casting whilst it is still in liquid form (recarburising).

source: Geoscience, Australia.

MRC’s Skaland Graphite Operation currently produces the following products:

  • Graphite – Flake
  • Graphite – Medium
  • Graphite – Fine Medium
  • Graphite – Powder
  • Graphite – Special Grade

Product specification sheets for standard flake, medium, fine-medium and powder products: