Investor Fact Sheet

Investor Fact Sheet

Company Name

Mineral Commodities Ltd (MRC or the Company)

Business Description

MRC is a global mining and development company with a primary focus on the development of high-grade mineral deposits within the mineral sands and battery minerals sectors.

The Company is committed to undertaking operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that is consistent with industry best practice, and the safety and wellbeing of its people is core to the operational culture. MRC is proud of the diversity of its global workforce of 350 employees and the culture of safety and community it has fostered. MRC is committed to safe and sustainable business practices which bring value to its employees, customers and shareholders and result in a social dividend to local communities.

MRC is a diversified mining company executing two complementary business strategies focused on the production of Heavy Mineral Sands and Natural Flake Graphite concentrates from two of the world’s highest grade mines and one shovel-ready development project.

MRC currently operates the:

and is developing the:

As part of its graphite strategy, MRC is also investing in a downstream value-adding strategy targeting the production of low CO2 emission, environmentally sustainable natural battery anode material from both the Skaland and Munglinup natural flake concentrates. MRC’s anode strategy is targeting the production of natural anode material from dedicated anode plants in Europe and Western Australia as early as 2023, which aims to capitalise on the fast-growing demand for sustainably manufactured Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Registered Office

Level 2, 161 Great Eastern Highway
Belmont, Western Australia 6104
Telephone: (+61) 8 6373 8900
Facsimile: (+61) 8 9373 8999
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Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Code: MRC


Brian Moller

Board of Directors

Brian Moller
Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Russell Tipper
Non-Executive Director

Debbie Ntombela
Non-Executive Director

Zamile Qunya
Non-Executive Director

Guy Walker
Non-Executive Director

Company Secretary

Katherine Garvey

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Link Market Services Ltd
Level 12, QV1 Building
250 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia 6000
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BDO Audit (WA) Pty Ltd
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