Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Programme Review

Mineral Commodities are committed to the investment in education in our people and in the communities with which we work.

The Company has various community and operational initiatives which are designed to increase measurable educational outcomes amongst community members and company employees, and we are very proud to report on the various programmes we administer.

One of the programmes the Company is proud to offer, is our Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Programme.

ABET is seen as both a right and as a functional economic necessity in a changing society, and has been formulated to embrace skills that are necessary for an individual to function with confidence in society. ABET is a proven way to reach adults who are illiterate, semi-illiterate or who missed out on education and training due to some various reasons.

Mineral Sands, through our commitment to our Social Labour Plan, take measurable steps to ensure that our ABET learners are offered the opportunity to become functionally literate and numerate through the implementation of our ABET programme. Mineral Sands is proud to offer our ABET programme, not only to our employees, but to external members of the community who also wish to participate.

The Company works alongside an appointed service provider, who assists us with the implementation of our ABET programme. Mineral Sands also liaise with the Department of Education to offer the ABET programme to members of the local community.


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