The Company’s safety performance is commendable by any measurable industry standard. This is further enhanced given that approximately 25% of the Company’s workforce comes from local communities, the vast number of whom had never worked on an industrial site before. The safety record is testament to the Company’s commitment to continued organisational focus on maintaining and improving a safe work environment which allows employees to come to work and return home to their families without injury.

A Culture of Safety

There have been a number of achievements throughout 2015, none more significant than the 1 million lost time injury (LTI) free hours reached, evidence of the Company’s impeccable safety record, and the hard work and safety culture our team values so highly. The safety of the workforce is of paramount concern to all members of the Company, from the Board to our interns, and we are proud of the diligence exercised by all employees at the Company’s operations. The Company is pleased to report that by the end of the March 2016 quarter, the safety record amounted has increased to an excess of 1,300,000 man hours without a lost time injury (LTI) since October 2013. The Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR), which is a measure of the frequency of injuries incurring lost time or requiring medical treatment per million hours worked, for the Company is currently at 12, significantly better than industry standards.

The Company’s safety record continues to be industry best standard.

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