Tormin Mineral Sands

Tormin is a World-Class resource with a substantial zircon-rich beach resource situated on South Africa’s west coast, approximately 400kms north of Cape Town. Other minerals present include ilmenite, rutile and garnet.

Feasibility studies have shown a capacity of 1.2Mtpa producing 47.8Kt of concentrate per annum with a grading of up to 81% zircon and 11.6% rutile and more than 100ktpa Ilmenite.

The mine has an expected life of 3 – 5 years. MRC has recently acquired the rights to the offshore area adjacent to Tormin. This area is the source of Tormin ore body and, supported by the J-bay features of the area, supports the concept of replenishment mining which will substantially extend the Tormin life of mine.

Tormin positions MRC as a niche supplier to a market experiencing strong demand and with limited new supply.