Our People

Mineral Commodities believes our people are our power.

The fundamental principle enshrined in the business strategy revolves around the development of, well-being and safety of those who make us a team.

We are committed towards contributing to the socio-economic activities of the immediate communities and regions we operate in, and providing ongoing opportunities and resources to enable our employees so that they are exposed and developed across multiple job disciplines central to the occupational structures of mineral sands operations. Mineral Commodities believes that the highest caliber of management is of great importance to sustain the business, and we provide appropriate training programs to support this.

Our Company assists all personnel across all fields and disciplines, in achieving their potential by supporting and mentoring them in their development. At the same time, meticulous attention is given to the requirements of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (2002) (MPRDA), the Mining Qualification Authority (MQA) requirements and the broad-based socio economic empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Mineraks Industry (the “Mining Charter”) . Our current development focus areas are engineering, mining and other technical services where there is a critical shortage of skills. Through appropriate learnerships and skills programs, Mineral Commodities aims to bridge the skills gap to provide for the present and future requirements of the mine.


Mineral Commodities is committed to and strives to be a responsible corporate citizen; uplifting and investing our achievements into the local communities around our areas of operation.

As part of various Social and Labour Plans, MRC has devised and is implementing strategies that focus on key aspects of health, education and infrastructure of the people most affected by the operations and, in particular, the upliftment of historically disadvantaged South Africans.


Mineral Commodities employs over 200 team members across multiple countries, who speak multiple languages, and come from a diverse set of cultures and backgrounds. Our Company is proud of its diversity, and the strength it provides. What we all have in common is the shared goal of success and safety.


Workplace diversity and equitable representation at all levels are catalysts for social cohesion, transformation and competitiveness of the mining industry. Mineral Commodities is committed to enriching the diversity within the Company and understand the multifaceted rewards that come with a diverse team across all levels and disciplines.


Due to the continued growth and strength of the Company, Mineral Commodities are regularly seeking new members to add to our team, both based in South Africa and in Australia.


Mineral Commodities believe in the value of assisting employees to achieve their full potential. We strive to achieve this through the provision of ongoing support as well as access to multiple mentorship opportunities throughout their career. Every employee of Mineral Commodities is provided with a custom Skills and Development / Career Progression Plan, designed to maximise skill development opportunities, enrich knowledge and experience bases across multiple disciplines and leverage the learning opportunities available with the Company. These plans are updated annually and monitored by Management and the employee concerned,


The early and continued success of Mineral Commodities is largely due to the calibre of leadership within the group. Leveraging on a combined 80 years of industry experience, the Board, Executive and Senior leadership team are the driving force behind the Companies current and future success.

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