Annual Tormin Mineral Resource Update

Mineral Commodities Ltd have released their Annual Tormin Mineral Resource Update (see below report in full).

Update highlights;

  • Resource reconciliation from the 2016 production data indicates that production grade exceeded the resource grade. This is due to strict grade control procedures on the mine site. The mine also actively targets replenishment areas after high storm or tide surges that contains higher than the background resource grade.
  • The average total HMS mined grade during 2016 was 64% higher than that of the December 2015 inferred resource statement (45.97% joined against 28.01% inferred). The higher grade is partly a function of the processing and recycling of ilmenite that was not sold during 2015.
  • The average Zircon grade mined during 2016 was 78% higher than that of December 2015 inferred resource statement (2.78% mined against 1.56% inferred).
  • The remaining resource that has not been mined is inferred to be 680,000 tonnes or 37.7& of the remaining resource of 1.8 million tonnes (Du Toit, 2016)
  • Mine production during 2016 achieved a 52.8% Zircon recovery (26 537 tonnes from a head feed containing ~ 50 255 tonnes)
  • Reconciliation of the 2016 mine production data indicates a 64% higher total HMS grade (45.97% mined against 28.01% inferred).
  • The mine has an approved environmental management programme and has been subject to an environmental impact assessment. There are no environmental directives in place against the mining operation.
  • Tailings are returned to the beach, where they are distributed and settled along the coastline naturally by the wave and sea current action. There are no pollutants introduced with the tailings and the material is inert.

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