Mentorship Program

Mineral Commodities is committed towards contributing to the socio-economic activities of the immediate community and the region. Although the primary objective is to mine Heavy Minerals for the international and local markets, the business is managed in a manner that embodies value added compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and socio-economic responsibilities.

To achieve this objective, the development of people is the fundamental principle enshrined in the business strategy. The company provides opportunities and resources for employees to be fully developed in job disciplines that form part of the occupational structures of the Mineral Sands. These opportunities pervade throughout the Mineral Sands and are not limited to a specific department or level.

The current development focus area is engineering, mining and other technical services where there is a critical shortage of skills. Through appropriate Learnerships and skills programs, Mineral Sands aims to bridge the skills gap to provide for the present and future requirements of the mine. Training levels will also take into account the expansion requirements of Mineral Sands as the whole.

Mineral Sands will ensure that the highest caliber of management is of great importance to sustain the business. To support this, appropriate training programs are in place. To facilitate the upliftment of the previously disadvantaged labour force, a well-structured ABET program has been set in place in order to upgrade literacy levels.

Accordingly, Mineral Sands will assist employees in achieving their potential by supporting and mentoring them in their development. At the same time, meticulous attention is given to the requirements of the MPRDA, Mining Qualification Authority (“the MQA”) requirements and the Mining Charter.

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