The early and continued success of Mineral Commodities is largely due to the calibre of leadership within the group. Leveraging on a combined 80 years of industry experience, the Board, Executive and Senior leadership team are the driving force behind the Companies current and future success.

Mark Victor Caruso - Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Caruso has extensive experience in mining, earthmoving and civil engineering construction earthworks. He has been a Director of the Company since September 2000. He was previously Chairman of Allied Gold Mining PLC (AGMP), responsible for the delivery of the Gold Ridge Project in the Solomon Islands and the Simberi Gold Project in Papua New Guinea. After resigning from the AGMP, Mark transitioned into the position of Executive Chairman of the Company in August 2012.

Joseph Anthony Caruso - Non-Executive Director

Joseph Caruso was appointed as Non-Executive Director of the Company in September 2000. He is a Director of Zurich Bay Holdings Pty Ltd and Construction Manager of Simto Australia Pty Ltd, both which are involved in mining, earthmoving and civil engineering construction earthworks. He has considerable experience in managing and administration of engineering, mining, raw materials production operations, earthmoving and related infrastructure utilities services resource contracts.

Peter Patrick Torre - Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary

Peter Torre was appointed Company Secretary of the Company in July 2006, and as a Director of the Company on 1 April 2010. He is a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Secretary and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was previously a partner of an internationally affiliated firm of Chartered Accountants. Peter Torre is the Company Secretary of several ASX listed companies.

Guy Redvers Walker - Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

Guy Walker is a highly accomplished Director and senior investment management executive with over 20 years’ financial markets experience. He currently sits (and in the past has sat) on the boards of listed mining companies including exploration, development and production companies. He has extensive experience in capital raising through both traditional banks and alternative lenders.

Colin Ross Hastings - Independent Non-Executive Director

Colin Hastings was appointed as a non-executive Director in April 2015. He is a Geologist with over 30 years’ experience in mining and exploration, project generation and project development, covering Australia and overseas. He has a strong geotechnical background with 10 years’ experience in this field and has extensive experience in mining related disciplines and processes. From 1996 to 2014, Ross Hastings was involved with Allied Gold PLC’s Simberi Gold Project, where his roles included management of exploration and the feasibility and pre-development studies for mine construction. Ross then progressed to General Manager Resource Development and concluded his tenure at St Barbara subsequent to the merger between St Barbara and Allied Gold Mining PLC.

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