The location of Mineral Commodities operations on the East and Western coasts of South Africa, present unique environmental challenges and opportunities.

Mineral Commodities approach to environmental management is supported by the company’s environment, health and safety management system, which offers a foundation to guide the company to achieve leading standards in these areas through all business activities – from exploration, planning, research and project development, through to operation, closure and rehabilitation.

The individual environmental requirements of each site are considered and site specific procedures and work instructions are developed in compliance with the standard. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure compliance with the standard. All environmental incidents are reported and investigated. To mitigate similar incidents, remedial and preventative actions identified in incident investigations are tracked through to completion. Mineral Commodities provide annual updates on our environmental management activities in our Annual Report. Additional information can also be viewed on this website with respect to the way we manage: water, energy, waste, land management and rehabilitation.

water sustainability mineral commodities

The sustainable use of natural resources is a key focus for Mineral Commodities operations, with efficient and innovative solutions to water usage constantly being researched and developed. The Company uses hyper saline sea water and recycles all water where appropriate.

Mineral Commodities heavy mineral concentration plants utilises water in gravity and magnetic separation processes, of which uses the least amount of water in comparison to other techniques.  Heavy mineral concentrate is pumped in a water medium to stockpiles, where any excess water is removed and recycled. In mineral separation plants, the heavy mineral concentrate is separated into its various mineral components, using either water driven processes or dry processing.


Mineral Commodities are committed to the responsible management of waste products generated from all operational activities. Our Tormin operation has a unique Waste Management Plans, which address the management of general waste, hazardous materials, sewage and hydrocarbons.

Where possible, domestic wastes are separated on site and recycled. In ecologically sensitive areas, domestic waste is removed and transported to permitted landfill sites. During mining, gravity separation is used to remove gangue minerals such as quartz, which are backfilled into the mine void or dedicated tailings storage facilities. Fine materials are dispersed in sand tails, buried in mine voids after drying out in temporary solar drying dams, or co-disposed with sand in tailings storage facilities. Saline oversized material is generally disposed in the mine void beneath the water table. Waste materials from mineral separation plants are, in most cases, returned to mine voids, and include gypsum, material from dust collection systems and residual fines removed from heavy mineral concentrate.

The Company recycles waste material where possible. Oversized ore is often recycled for on-site road construction or other activities. The company also recycled light bulbs and batteries in this operation, which further reduced hazardous waste streams.

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