Mineral Commodities employ a broad mix of individuals reflecting its equal opportunity philosophy of hiring and promoting the best candidate for all positions at all levels irrespective of race, religion or gender. Further, the Company is dedicated to having a diverse workforce and recognises the value of having a mixture of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, ideas and knowledge that is brought to the organisation through a diverse workforce.

The Company implemented a diversity policy recently. The objective of the policy is for the Company to embrace the diversity of skills, ideas and experiences of an individual and recognise that a workforce made up of people with differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or national origin or social origin contributes to MRC’s success and organizational strength. It ensures all employees are treated with fairness and respect.

Mineral Commodities are committed to embedding a corporate culture that embraces diversity through:

  • Recruitment on the basis of competence and performance and selection of candidates from a diverse pool of qualified candidates;
  • Maintaining selection criteria that does not disadvantage people from certain groups;
  • Providing equal employment opportunities through performance and flexible working practices;
  • Maintaining a safe working environment and supportive culture by taking action against inappropriate workplace and business behaviour (discrimination, harassment, bullying, vilification and victimization);
  • Promoting diversity across all levels of the business;
  • Undertaking diversity initiatives and measuring their success;
  • Regularly surveying our work climate; and
  • Establishing measurable objectives in achieving gender diversity.

The Company has a structuring and development strategy aimed at attracting historically disadvantaged women and initiatives to encourage these women into technical disciplines and managerial positions. The main features of the strategy is to develop the historically disadvantaged women and minorities into senior management positions. Apart from the positive recruitment and promotion strategies mentioned above, this would be realised through the development of job competence profile which shall be regularly assessed against identified competencies in order to determine their training and development needs, and prepare individual development plans.

The Company currently employs 229 staff, with 64 females, representing 28% of the workforce.

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