Math, Science and Accountancy Project

In early 2015, Mineral Commodities was alerted to the ongoing disparity in apprehension in Maths, Science and Accountancy by various local residents within the Matzikama Municipality and Xolobeni Community. Accepting such educational shortfalls would likely exasperate future employment opportunities, MRC’s South-African subsidiary Mineral Sands, identified the benefit of offering the pupils of affected communities additional Maths, Science and Accountancy tuition.

The ‘Math, Science and Accountancy Project’ (MSAP) was developed to assist the young community members of Xolobeni and Matzikama to improve their apprehension of Grade 12 Maths, Science and Accountancy; to enable pupils to meet or exceed entry requirements at tertiary level with the hope to pursue courses of their interest without being inhibited by poor matric results.

From May to September 2015, after several months working with the office of West Coast Department of Education and with the principals of Vredendal North Secondary, Lutzville High School and Vanrhynsdorp; the MSAP teaching project was introduced to students for the first time. Specialist Math, Science and Accountancy teachers, Hanelie De Vries (Grade 12 teacher at Lutzville High School), Mr. Rogan Pedro and Mr. Njoni (both lecturers at FET college in Vredendal) provided lessons each Saturday, for an hour each subject, for 43 boys and girls aged between 16 and 18. The group worked through Grade 12 math question papers in preparation for the final exams.

In addition, the MSAP provides students with additional career guidance and career information, for example how to coordinate any job application processes, as well as information on the availability of any bursaries in their chosen fields of study.

Project Objectives

  • Benefit mine community;
  • Improve the quality of education in the mine community area; and
  • Provision of job opportunities.

With an initial budget of R1,500,00 to cover coordination costs associated with the provision of this programme (such as printing, co-ordination of registration, food, transport, progress reports, identification of venues, and stationary), Mineral Sands continues to show its support and genuine care and consideration for the local community members of Matzikama and Xolobeni. The initial trial  was considered a success by all involved, of whom were thrilled by the various educational outcomes achieved.

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